Does the certification stay valid and recognized?


MOOVINV NEVER physically takes possession of the material, MOOVINV acts as a transactional trading facilitator while offering a controlled service that applies the good practices required by the industry.

MOOVINV’s service commits to respect in all aspects the required norms regarding piece dealers and providers meant for manufacturers who are providers for the aerospace. Our engagements are based on control chain, traceability, stocks control and registers availability.

The reasons:

  • The material always comes from a contractor, provider, OEM, mill or SMB who possess an aeronautic certification recognized by the IAQG (database of OASIS).
  • The seller’s transportation to the buyer is always executed through a specialised distribution service who’s adapted to different required needs.
  • The buyer directly receives the material and has the responsibility to apply the chain supply norms.
  • MOOVINV ensures the traceability and history of each transaction for the next 20 years.

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