Whenever you are visiting our site, MOOVINV offers you the possibility to adhere to our service as a seller and/or as a buyer, without any obligation to do so. To adhere, you will be asked to provide certain information collected through forms and the interactivity established between you and our web site. We are using your following information.

·      Name of the business
·      Accreditation source
·      Last and first name of the seller / buyer
·      Address
·      Email address
·      Shipping / billing address
·      Phone / fax number
·      Bank transfer number

To ensure the transactional quality and security of the service, MOOVINV can resort to information coming from third parties in order to validate the information shared to MOOVINV. For example, to adhere to a seller profile, MOOVINV will need to validate your accreditation with sources such as the OASIS database.

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