MOOVINV offers a transactional environment adapted to the needs of the aeronautics, aerospace and, eventually, defense industry. We make certified products, excess, cuts and mills run more easily manageable for:

  • Contractors
  • OEMs
  • Distributors
  • Mills
  • SMEs

*Raw material, hardware, composite, paint, sealer, tools, electrical and wired component.

For the seller:

MOOVINV enables the valorisation of excess in a few clicks.

The process:
  • Upload your material
  • Prepare your commodity for MOOVINV to ship
  • Receive your payment when we take possession

For the buyer:

MOOVINV offers a safe service that centralizes the exchange of certified products.

A controlled environment:
  • MOOVINV guarantees the tracking and keeps the history of your transactions;
  • MOOVINV guarantees the origin of the source possesses an aeronautics certification recognized by the IAQG;
MOOVINV constantly works towards offering an innovative service based on the impartiality, security and transparency that requires the industry.

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