1.2 Definitions

The following terms are defined as follows:
·     The term «business hours» means 9 :00 a.m. to 5 :00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays as these are defined in the Interpretation Act, CQLR c I-16;
·     The term «Buyer» refers to the person that accepts the offer of a Seller on the Website;
·     The term «Carrier» refers to Trinet Transportation inc., its related companies, its agents and mandataries;
·     The term «Corporation» refers to 9359-5544 Québec inc.;
·     The term «Seller» refers to the user that has been authorized to use the sales function of the Website and that posts goods for sale;
·     The term «services» refers to the full range of services offered by the Corporation via the Website and its applications as further described hereinafter;
·     The terms «terms and conditions» refer to the general terms et conditions provided for hereinafter;
·     The term «Website» refers to the website www.moovinv.com and its content operated by the Corporation;
·     The terms «you» or «user» generally refers to the Sellers and the Buyers and all other people that access the Website and use the services;
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