2.1 Services

The Corporation offers to its users a trading platform adapted to the needs of the aerospace industry for the resale of excess inventory.
The Corporation requires every Seller to provide the Buyers with certification proves recognized by the aerospace industry for the purchased goods. The Corporation ensures the traceability and history of each and every transaction made via the Website for a period of twenty (20) years following the sale.
The identity of the Buyer remains confidential throughout the entire transactional process. The identity of the Seller is only revealed when the goods are delivered to the Buyer with the documentation relating to the certification of the goods.
For the benefit of the users and to preserve the anonymity of the parties, the Corporation takes, on behalf of the Buyer, the necessary arrangements with the Carrier to take delivery of the goods sold via the Website and to transport them to the Buyer’s place of business.
If necessary, the Buyer has two (2) business days as of the delivery by the Carrier to validate the certification provided by the Seller.
The Corporation is not the owner of any goods in inventory, does not own or operate warehouses, does not own or operate any transportation business and does not handle the goods posted on the Website. 
If needed, the Corporation may facilitate the resolution of disputes between the Seller and the Buyer.
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