3.1 Buyer

By accessing the Website and by using the services, the Buyer shall:
·     Read in its entirety the text of the sales listing, including all of the instructions given by the Seller, before committing to buy;
·     Pay to the Corporation the sales price, the service fees, the Carrier’s fees and the applicable taxes;
·     In the case of a Mill run surplus reservation, make a deposit of 25% of the global bill at the moment of the reservation;
·     Provide a secure access to the delivery point, during business hours, by removing all obstructions, such as the other goods in inventory, the pallets, machining equipment or material that could compromise, hinder or delay the services provided by the Carrier;
·     Validate, within two (2) business days following the reception of goods, the quantity, quality, and conformity of the goods received, in accordance with the generally accepted standards and norms within the industry;
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