3.2 Seller

By accessing the Website and by using the services, the Seller shall:
·     Validate the quality, availability and the technical specifications of the goods to be sold before posting this material on the Website or before giving instructions to the Corporation to post the material on the Website;
·     In the case of a Mill run surplus offer, make available and provide to the Buyer the goods at the date specified in the listing;
·     Issue an invoice to the Corporation for the payment of the goods before their pick-up by the Carrier;
·     Make available to the Carrier, according to the terms of the Seller’s listing, the purchased goods, dully packaged in accordance with the industry norms and standards including the appropriate certification documentation such as the material certificate; 
·     Provide a secure access to the pick-up location, during business hours, by removing all obstructions, such as other goods in inventory, pallets, machining equipment or material that could compromise, hinder or delay the services provided by the Carrier;
·     Maintain its aerospace certification;
·     Inform the Corporation, as soon as possible, of any changes which could result in the Seller losing his eligibility as a Seller, such as informing the Corporation of the expiry date of his certification.
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